danceWELCOMEto our Daily Ballet Practice20 minutes each day


We are delighted that you are joining us simple daily ballet exercises to get the body feeling good and enjoying the beauty of ballet.

This program cycles through a series of barre exercises and Port de Bras. Over the course of the program, you will familiarise yourself with the exercises and they will settle into the body, allowing you to work deeper, develop your technique, and revel in the enjoyment of moving to music.


Responsive Task Grid


What should I wear? Anything that is comfortable and provides ease of movement.

I don’t have a barre. Neither do we. A good barre substitute is the back of a chair, an ironing board, a high table, banister, counter top or even a wall.

Do I have to follow the calendar? Not at all. Work at your own pace. This is all about adapting to what works for you.

Can I replay and repeat days? Yes. You can replay and repeat the classes as many times as you like. These are recorded classes that are there for you to return to again and again.

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