theSciencemeasured benefits of danceespecially as we age

Below are a selection of articles, studies and observations on how dance benefits us as we go through life.

Dance Like Your Doctor Is Watching: It’s Great for Your Mind and Body

Two new studies say that dancing may keep you healthy well into old age, potentially by reducing the risk of disability and dementia. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE

How Dancing Can Boost Mental Health

Article by Adrianna Mendrek , Professor, Bishop’s University on her research on Dance Movement Therapy and the positive effects on depression, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE

How Exercise Affects Your Brain

Scientists are continuing to show that everything from the “runner’s high” to the “yogi’s tranquility” can have profound effects on your brain. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE

Dancing Can Reverse The Signs Of Aging In The Brain

This article summarizes the 2017 study in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE