danceLearn Ballet With Usin our online ballet programsfor absolute beginners & beginners

Daily Ballet Practice20 minutes each day for 4 weeks

There are so many reasons to join us in our Daily Ballet Practice:

🩰You have always wanted to do ballet.
🩰You did ballet in the past and would like to return to it.
🩰You would like daily ballet exercises to keep you in shape.

Join us for 4 weeks of 20 minute daily ballet barre exercises and reap the physical & mental benefits of ballet!

Bite-Size Exercise Program30 days of short daily exercises

Are you looking for an easy and effective way to improve your strength, mobility, stability, and balance?

Join us for 30 days of short daily exercises where we work the entire body bit by bit, from head to toe.

MOBILISE6 x 5-minute daily exercise sessions

Gentle.  Fun. 

Our new MOBILISE program requires just 5 minutes each day to release and support your body.

5-minute exercise sessions to keep you feeling mobilised. Based around a chair, these are quick, doable & enjoyable.

Five Minutes of Daily Exercises6 x 5-minute sessions for each day of the week

Gentle.  Accessible. 

Just 5 minutes each day to improve your mobility & strength.

5-minute exercise sessions to keep you feeling vibrant. Designed to be easy, accessible, and all you need is a chair.

10 Day Introduction to Ballet

Join us for our 10 Day Introduction to Ballet where we work through the absolute beginner basics of ballet. From the positions of the arms and feet, the basic steps and terminology through to barre and a little center work.

Develop your strength, stability, mobility and balance. Work your body and your brain.

Learn to dance and fall in love with ballet with us.

4 Week Ballet Experience

Join us in our step by step, day by day ‘Ballet Experience’ where we explore the basics of ballet, developing all the essentials to dance. This is an online program with access to 4 weeks of recorded, structured ballet exercises.

Learn to dance to the music of SWAN LAKE and THE NUTCRACKER.

Develop your strength, stability and mobility.