MOBILISE 6 x 5-minute daily exercise sessionshelping to get your body moving

Gentle & fun. 

Our new MOBILISE program requires just 5 minutes each day to improve your mobility & strength.

We have selected these daily exercises to release, strengthen and wake up the body, and ultimately to increase your mobility. Do one 5-minute session each day, or if you are feeling tight or restricted in a particular area of your body, pick a session that targets that spot.

These are quick and easy, you can mix and match, repeat or add exercises. And all you need is a chair.

Have fun with them. We hope they benefit you in your every day life. And like everything with exercises, the more often you do them, the better you feel!

£10 (GBP) | Approx: $12 (USD) | €10 (EURO) | $13 (CAD) | $15 (AUD)

These exercises are available indefinitely for you to repeat as often as you like.


After purchase you will immediately receive an email with a private link to the program. If you do not receive the link within 5 minutes, please check your SPAM/ JUNK folder or email us:

The MOBILISE program contents:

Day 1 – FEETmondaystrong feet is the foundation of balance. These exercises work on the arches and foot articulation.

Day 2 – SHOULDERStuesdaywe do neck stretches, work the back, focusing on keeping the shoulders down as the arms move.

Day 3 – ABDOMINALSwednesdayyes, we are tackling the tummy, all from the chair. Quick and effective!

Day 4 – HANDS & FINGERSthursdaythis is all about improving dexterity and strength in our hands.

Day 5 – GLUTES & LEGSfridayhamstrings, quads and glutes are the focus. There is also an extra 30 second high intensity option to get the blood flowing.

Day 6 – FUN MOBILITYsaturdaytoday we have all our most favourite and fun exercises for mobility. We hope you enjoy them too.

Day 7 – Pick your favouriteSundaywhat does your body need today? Pick one of the exercises in the week that you will most benefit from


Please consult your doctor before beginning this or any other fitness programs. Exercise is not without risks, and this or any other exercise program may result in injury. By engaging in these exercises, you agree that you do so at your own risk, and assume all associated risk of injury.

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