Susan & Elizabeth
Passion for Dance

It was two years ago when Elizabeth started to feel the years weighing on her body. She was finding it increasingly difficult to stay mobile, her stability and balance were deteriorating and her foot was so painful, on some days she could not stand on it. Instead of sitting back, she turned to her daughter, Susan who thought that gentle dance-based exercise could help.

About Susan: Susan has trained in various dance forms, she began when she was 4 years old with her first ballet class, her training then expanded into tap, modern, jazz, contemporary, lyrical and commercial. She continues her pursuit of a variety of dance forms and her most cherished time is being in the studio connecting with movement and music. Susan has a deep knowledge of Pilates, and regularly is found on the Pilates reformer machine building strength and using her body to understand movement. Susan is a member of IDAMS.]

And so Susan began guiding her mum through simple ballet-based exercises to help with her strength and mobility.

Elizabeth quickly reaped the benefits. Her balance and stability improved daily, her foot began to strengthen and heal, and her mobility increased. Her body began toning, her arms and legs tighten. Her brain kicked up a gear. Her fitness improved. And it was all so much fun!

Elizabeth and Susan began sharing videos of their exercises with friends who also loved and benefited from them.

It was when they partnered up with Co-Founder and COO, Matt Spaulding that Ballet Based Movement was finally born.

We are passionate about dance, and we continue to gain huge benefit from it physically, emotionally and mentally.

So whoever you are, whatever your fitness level, we don’t care! Come and join us. Have some fun, get stronger and more mobile, and fall in love with dance with us!


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