Join us in our step by step, day by day ‘Ballet Experience’ where we explore the basics of ballet, developing all the essentials to dance. This is an online program with access to 4 weeks of recorded, structured ballet exercises.

Learn to dance to the music of SWAN LAKE and THE NUTCRACKER.

Develop your strength, stability and mobility.

Unmute for sound.

Please watch the clip below that explains


£25 (GBP) | $36 (USD) | €30 (EURO) | $43 (CAD) | $46 (AUD)

After purchase you will immediately receive an email with a private link to the program. If you do not receive the link within 5 minutes, please email us:

  • Four times a week we spend approximately 30 minutes working through beginners barre work and a short dance sequence.
  • Twice a week we work through stretch and strengthen exercises to support and enhance our dancing.
  • One day a week we rest our dancing feet.

Below is the calendar which is just a guide. This is all about working at a pace that suits you.


What should I wear? Anything that is comfortable and provides ease of movement.

I don’t have ballet shoes, what should I put on my feet? It depends on your floor. Socks, sticky socks or bare feet. We like socks on carpet, and sticky socks or bare feet on wood or tiled floor. TIP: slightly wet the bottom of your socks or ballet shoes for a little bit more grip.

I don’t have a barre. Neither do we. A good barre substitute is the back of a chair, an ironing board, a high table, banister, counter top or even a wall.

Do I have to follow the calendar? Not at all. Work at your own pace. This is all about adapting to what works for you.

Can I replay and repeat days? Yes. You can replay and repeat the classes as many times as you like. These are recorded classes that are there for you to return to again and again.

Need help? Please email us: