the10 Day Introduction to BalletDo you want to learn ballet?learn the essentials

Join us for our 10 Day Introduction to Ballet where we work through the absolute beginner basics of ballet. From the positions of the arms and feet, the basic steps and terminology through to barre and a little center work.

Develop your strength, stability, mobility and balance. Work your body and your brain.

Learn to dance and fall in love with ballet with us.

£20 (GBP) | Approx: $27 (USD) | €24 (EURO) | $34 (CAD) | $37 (AUD)


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How The ProgramWorksstep by step

  • This is a pre-recorded online program where you can work at your own pace. Stop, start, rewind and repeat.
  • We have provided a calendar of the exercises as a guide. Take a look at the calendar which outlines the program and exercises.
  • Every 3 days we start a new set of exercises, and for the following two days, we work through those exercises, getting them into your body and familiarizing yourself with the moves of ballet.

The Calendar10 days of dance

Frequently AskedQuestionsget all the answers

What should I wear?

Anything that is comfortable and provides ease of movement.

I don’t have ballet shoes, what should I put on my feet?

It depends on your floor. Socks, sticky socks or bare feet. We like socks on carpet, and sticky socks or bare feet on wood or tiled floor. TIP: slightly wet the bottom of your socks or ballet shoes for a little bit more grip.

I don’t have a barre.

Neither do we. A good barre substitute is the back of a chair, an ironing board, a high table, banister, counter top or even a wall.

Do I have to follow the calendar?

Not at all. Work at your own pace. This is all about adapting to what works for you.

Can I replay and repeat days?

Yes. You can replay and repeat the classes as many times as you like. These are recorded classes that are there for you to return to again and again.

How long is the program available for?

You will have access to the program for at least a couple of years, if not longer.

Can I download the program?

We do provide an option to download the program, however the entire program is a very large file as it is 12 hours of videos which is about 25 GIGs worth. You will need a lot of space on your computer, and fast internet to download. Depending on your download speed, the process can take many hours. Please contact us if you would like to download the program.

Need help?

Please email us:

This is your class, and it is about you enjoying your time with us. We’d just love for you to join us in whatever capacity.

Come and dance with us LIVE.
Susan & Elizabeth