LIVE Ballet Classes for Beyond 50s and Beginners with Susan & Elizabeth

Wherever you are in the world, come and join us. Dance a bit, do what you can, and most importantly ENJOY YOURSELF, as we all dance together LIVE.

It’s April, and this month we are feeling the tragedy and drama of Prokofiev’s ROMEO & JULIET. Our short dance variation is to the music from the ballet.

Our Class times and bookings are posted below.

Classes are £8 per class – approx. USD $12 | EURO €9 | AUD $15

DURATION: 1 hour. Susan & Elizabeth will stay on for questions after the class.
BONUS: A RECORDING OF THE CLASS will be available via a private link. 
The class is hosted by Zoom Video Conferencing. Please ensure you have downloaded the ZOOM app for access to the class.

On the day, two hours before the class, you will receive an email from us with the unique Zoom Link to access the class.

SCROLL DOWN FOR FAQs or email us if you have any questions:



PRICE PER CLASS: GBP £8 | approx. USD $12 | EURO €9 | AUD $15

If you are having trouble booking our classes please email us:



1. What is the format of the class? We teach fortnightly on Tuesday morning and repeat the class on Wednesday evening. Each fortnight, the class exercises vary, but the format is the same. We begin with a warm up to stretch and move the body. Following that, we work through a series of beginners barre exercises. Susan and Elizabeth demonstrate each exercise and then we all do it together with music. After the barre exercises, we move to the centre where we dance a variation to the music of one of the famous ballets. The class always ends with a wonderful curtsy.

2. How do I access the Live Class? Book and pay for the class above. 2 hours prior to the class, you will receive, via email, a unique link to the Zoom Platform where the class is streamed. 10 minutes before the class, click on the link and you will enter the class via video and audio link.

3. What is Zoom? Zoom is a video conferencing application that will allow the streaming of our class live via video link to your device. It is free software that you can download onto your computer, tablet or mobile. It is very easy and quick to download. You can watch a step by step guide on how to install Zoom onto your device HERE. And you can download the Zoom application HERE

4. I would like to try the class, but I don’t want to be seen on video. Not a problem – there is an option on Zoom to turn off your camera, so you can see us, but no-one can see you. 

5. Can I just watch the class, and perhaps not dance if I don’t feel up to it? Yes! You are welcome to tune in and observe.

6. Do I have to do the whole class? If you are up for a little dancing but not too much – great! Take breaks. Sit out an exercise or two. Do what works for you. 

7. What is the class recording?  It is the recording of Susan & Elizabeth doing all the exercises that you did in the class. The recording link will be emailed to on the Thursday evening after the class. The recording allows you to practice your ballet in your own time, when it suits you. It is available to stream from a Private Live Class Page.

8. Will the dogs be joining us? Of course! The dogs are always ready for their LIVE class!

This is your class, and it is about you enjoying your time with us. We’d just love for you to join us in whatever capacity. 

Come and dance with us LIVE.
Susan & Elizabeth